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I am currently, as I write this, engaged in a terrifying battle of wills with a rather bold spider who has decided that my bedroom curtains are now his home. This is not a true fact – the bedroom curtains belong very firmly to this house where I live, and where the spider does not live, but he is continuing with his antics regardless. So, what is a writer to do but write a poem about this experience and hope that the spider sees it and becomes so ashamed with his brazen behaviour that he promptly moves out. Well… here’s hoping, anyway.

Consider Magic

I guess I’m in a bit of a whimsical mood today, because this piece is more of a contemplative one. We’ll be glancing at the concepts of magic and energy within the world and perceptions of reality and nature – a bit deep, I know, but the inspiration for this poem must have come from somewhere so I might as well entertain it. Without further ado, please enjoy the poem!


It’s scorching outside, so I thought I’d write a flash fiction piece about summer and childhood memories and all those lovely topics that bundle together so well, mixed with a little adult pessimissm. Oh, I’m eighteen now – this is my first blog post that has been written while I’m an adult! Very exciting. But anyway, please enjoy this short flash fiction piece!