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Hi there! Are you ready for a super short, super punchy flash fiction piece on summer? If so, here is my entry for writerthreads’ Instagram competiton! It’s a one hundred and fifty word piece of descriptive flash fiction, thinking about the theme of summer (and especially how summer has changed recently). Hope you enjoy it!

Where It All Went Wrong

Something a little different today! As part of The Young Writers Initiative’s summer camp, I wrote a piece on one of my less-developed characters from my WIP, The Demon Of Darkenhall Lane, which you can find more information on by looking at my Upcoming Releases page. Today’s spotlight is Asher, the Soulless who lives on my main character’s doorstep. I’m considering turning his story into a novella, so stay tuned for updates on that! But, without further ado, here is the first part of Asher’s story, with some mentions of alcohol abuse, disease, death and homelessness.

Little Lost Lamb

Hello! For today, we’ve got a poem that I wrote for talesfromboredom and writer.joannafreire’s Instagram competition! It’s based on a prompt from oknice which you can find in the competition’s post.